2016 La Motte Boat Show

Each year, the International Multihulls Show in La Grande Motte brings together the most important shipyards in the world with many new products and proposals for the catamaran world. We know that those who occupy the first place in the world shipbuilding are the country Galo. How could it be otherwise? The most recognized brands, such as Lagoon and Outremer, are once again their flagship at the seventh edition of this specialized boat show. in catamarans. The models that Catamarans Barcelona distributes in Spain and that you can find while walking around the pontoons of the Motte Motte show will be the following: Lagoon Lagoon MY40 Lagoon 39 Lagoon Lagoon Cabin 42 3 Cabin version 450F Cabin Lagoon 52 Sportop 3 cabins 4 cabins For its part, the company Outremer Yachting world premiere will present the new sports version of its famous Outremer 45, this case called Outremer 4X. Thanks to its carbon equipment, extended fins and lithium batteries, this catamaran is much lighter to reach giddy speeds. From April 13 to 17, the Multicasco International Exhibition will open in the south of France in La Grande Motte. Catamarans Barcelona will be present again to serve its current and potential customers.