Lagoon 42

By maintaining a familiar look and preserving the main features of Lagoon’s latest generation, it shows us a new path: a completely smooth evolution, a new «organic» approach,
seek harmony between the living space and the man.


Outremer acquires the famous Gunboat brand

The prestigious French shipyard, which combines renowned brands from the nautical sector such as Outremer, has just acquired the North American brand Gunboat, specialized in construction
catamarans of great length and carbon fiber.


Outremer 51

Speed, passion, comfort, new technologies: all at the service of the new Outremer 51. Evolution and improvement of the O49 winner, the best of the year in its category according to the French nautical magazines, a title that honors its balance. This boat is ready for long trips, comfortable, functional and fast as only an Outremer can be.

Outremer Yachting - 45,50 et 5X

Outremer 45

One of the best selling models of the shipyard. Versatile, whether for a couple or family, for a year or more, the Outremer 45 maintains the perfect balance between performance and capacity at a reasonable budget. Available in the owner’s version with 6 beds, the family version with 8 and the club with 10 beds. Easy to maneuver, it is the favorite of sailing catamaran families.

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