Lagoon 560 S2

Its original concept and 25 years of ship building experience grant us a new Lagoon 560, which benefits from numerous strong points borrowed from other models in the range (i.e. infusion molding, vertical glazing gull-wing bridge deck, voluminous and luminous cabins, etc.)


Lagoon 630 MY

How can you combine the requirements of offshore cruising with the high standards of a luxury motor yacht? Many yachtsmen have long wanted to expand their horizons with a long range, good performance motor yacht in total comfort and serenity.


Lagoon 42

While keeping a family resemblance and retaining the main features of the latest generation of Lagoons, it shows us a new path: unhurried evolution, a new “organic” approach, in search of harmony between living space and man.


Outremer 51

Speed, passion, comfort and the latest technology; all in service of the boat O51. Evolution from the prized O49, voted the best in its category in 2010 by the grand majority of French nautical magazines, a title that lives up to this model’s equilibrium, this catamaran is prepared for long distance cruising, comfortable, functional and fast as only an Outremer can be.

Outremer Yachting - 45,50 et 5X

Outremer 45

One of the greatest selling models in the shipyard. Very versatile, whether you sail with your partner or family for even up to a year or longer, the Outremer 45 maintains the perfect balance between performance and ability within a reasonable budget.


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