Outremer acquires the famous Gunboat brand

The prestigious French shipyard, which combines renowned brands from the nautical sector such as overseas, has just acquired the North American brand Gunboat, which specializes in the construction of large catamarans and carbon fiber. One of the leaders of the operation, such as Xavier Desmarest, president of the Outremer Yachting division, said that "the stars are rarely in line to create such an exceptional opportunity". According to information from Outremer's director, conversations with Gunboat began several years ago, convinced that the union between his operations center and the recognition of the Gunboat brand for his innovative designs was a promising alliance for the group. "Gunboat is the ultimate in cruising catamarans," concluded Desmarest. For more than 15 years, the North American shipyard Gunboat has been designing and building carbon catamarans from 48 to 90 feet, recognized worldwide for their performance, technology and luxury. Similarly, the brand was created as a paradigm shift in the design of this type of boat, applying a proven and sustainable technology in this range of racing catamarans. A new team, the result of the merger of these two powerful brands such as Overseas and Gunboat, will soon be available, announcing many and very good news of upcoming new projects in the months following this announcement.