Lagoon 50: marine and modern

This new boat that fits between the must-sees 450 and 52, offers an attractive option for sailors looking for a large "marine and modern" owner's boat. The 52, with its new visual identity, new rigging and helmet design offers increased performance with a unique signature. Indeed, the elegance of the new 50 seduced by the beveled shape of its helmets, the generosity of its spaces and panoramic vision more than ever improved. With unparalleled interior distribution possibilities, this new model is available in three, four and even ... six cabins!

Comfortable and functional exterior

A flybridge with two secure accesses and a steering wheel with perfect visibility. And at the end of the wheelhouse, a huge modular relaxation area that hides a storage space big enough to store the set of cushions.

A rear cockpit open to the sea, clear and spacious stern skirts to accommodate large and small families. A second cockpit to better use the front beach with a dual function: seat or lounge at the same level as the springboard. Vastos espacios de almacenamiento bajo the mayoría de bancos of the bañera y del flybridge.

Generous and bright interior

The voluminous spaces revealed reveal an innovative architecture where everything is designed to offer a warm and friendly atmosphere. Its design allows everyone to find the interior they want, with three, four, five or even six cabins!

An innovative concept of the living room, built on two levels, for two distinct but communicating living spaces: a large kitchen open to the bath on one side and a slightly elevated seating area for a better panoramic view of the sea, which can be easily modulated the dining room.


A new interior design with a new elegant and refined wood finish to be chosen by the owner. Unparalleled communication between the inside and outside: between the large panoramic windows, the middle one is retractable, thus providing perfect ventilation of the living room but also the bath, in addition to the connection with the bow. An incomparable light for the aft cabins with panoramic windows and hull hatches in the showers and bathrooms.

Volume and comfort in helmets with particular attention to storage solutions: cabins with bow and stern beds «Island bed», large storage spaces, closets and open library. Large deposits of fresh water and black water disposed under the ground to clear considerable volumes, with a gray water option that allows adapting to environmental regulations.

A gréement de nouvelle génération


The choice of delaying the mast, born from the experience of VPLP in competition, has many advantages for this catamaran.

Automatically guided boom for easy maneuvering A large triangle for a greater choice of carrier sails: an added value, A shorter boom, which facilitates maneuvering.

A mainsail with a high ratio, which makes it possible to take advantage of a less disturbed height of air for a remarkable performance gain, Centering weights with delayed rigging significantly reduces boat height.



VPLP design

Exterior design

Patrick le Quément

Interior design

Nauta Design

Total length

14,75 m / 48'5''

Total Beam

8,10 m / 26'7''


1,40 m / 4'7''

Standard keel height

26,51 m / 87'

Displacement (CE standard)

20,826 t / 45 921 t

Sail surface to windward

158,1 m² / 1 701 sq.ft

Laths of the mainsail

por confirmar

Brigantine mainsail

97,8 m² / 1 052 sq.ft

Genova furling

60,3 m² / 649 sq.ft

Asymmetrical spinnaker (optional)

240 m² / 2 582 sq.ft

Code 0 (opc.)

114 m² / 1 227 sq.ft

Engines (Standard)

2 x 57 CV / 2 x 57 HP

Fuel Capacity

2 x 520 l / 2 x 137 US gal

Water capacity

2 x 240 l / 2 x 63 US gal


6 a 14

CE certification

A : 12 ; B : 14 ; C : 20 ; D : 30

Photo gallery

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Cabines et salle de bain
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