Lagoon celebrates its 1000th Lagoon 42

Lagoon, the world leader in catamaran construction, is pleased to announce the delivery of its 1,000th Lagoon 42, marking eight successful years since the initial launch of this iconic model in 2015.

With an impressive fleet of almost 7,000 catamarans delivered worldwide, Lagoon has strengthened its position with a range of ten different models. Among them, some iconic models, such as the 380 and 450, have broken records, but the Lagoon 42 remains the best-selling cruising catamaran of all time, among all brands.

The 1,000th Lagoon 42 perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy, the result of careful construction and meticulous conception, combining ambitious design with attractive proportions.

To respond to growing demand, Lagoon uses three sets of molds and distributes its production between two shipyards in Vendée (France), one in Poiré and the other in Belleville.

A little anecdote: if 1,000 Lagoon catamarans were lined up, that would represent a distance of 13 kilometers. The assembly of a single Lagoon 42 requires the use of more than 3,000 components, which underlines the complexity of this procedure. On average, the construction of a Lagoon 42 involves 1,300 hours of work, a multitude of skills and great know-how.

The Lagoon 42, the brand’s flagship model, reflects Lagoon’s constant commitment to onboard comfort and ease of maneuver. Eight years have passed between the launch of the first production of this model, in 2015, and the delivery of this 1,000th sailing catamaran.

The Lagoon 42 has won the hearts of the public and the press, becoming an iconic model in the world of catamarans. Lagoon Spain, with the help of Catamarans Barcelona, ​​joins the celebration and awaits you to learn first-hand why the Lagoon 42 is a success among catamarans.


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