New furling sail on Lagoon 46 and 51 catamarans

Discover how Lagoon's new system will revolutionize navigation

Watch catamarans sail around the world, especially on long voyages. Many of them keep their mainsail stowed in the boom.

However, in the event of a gusty wind or strong gusts, reducing sails quickly and quietly can be a challenge.

Lagoon has solved this problem with its new boom sail furling system, designed for Lagoon 46 and Lagoon 51-foot catamarans, opens a new chapter in sailing.

Navigating has never been easier!

After a series of sea trials that took place over a period of 18 months, Lagoon’s boom furling system that makes sailing accessible, simple and reliable is now a reality.

With this new system, smoother and safer sailing is achieved. With the automatic boom furling system, sail handling is more precise and controlled.

All advantages with the new system

The main feature of the Lagoon boom furling system is its unique design: unlike other systems, the furling mandrel of this boom is not closed.

This particularity offers numerous advantages, especially the possibility to observe and control the handling of the sails with great precision during hoisting, lowering and furling operations.

This system is optimally configured. It is positioned with the help of a halyard stopper and incorporates a horizontal feeder adjustment, ensuring a proper clew angle of attack.

Its clever design allows the batten load to be distributed on the batten halyard, thus extending the life of the sail.

More security with the e-Wtach Option

The Lagoon Furling Boom is clearly a piece of equipment that will encourage sailors to use their mainsail more often.

In addition, it offers an e-Watch option that alerts the user, when using one of the winches, if the mainsail halyard is not in its proper position or if the mainsheet is not slack enough.

Discover the revolution in sailing with Lagoon.

The innovative Roller Boom, available as an option on Lagoon 46 and 51 models, is transforming the catamaran sailing experience.

Lagoon has addressed the challenges of traditional systems and we have created a solution that combines visibility and safety with efficient, state-of-the-art design.

This breakthrough not only makes sailing easier, but also extends the life of your mainsail, guaranteeing you more hours on the water and more adventures ahead.

Experience the sailing revolution, experience Lagoon.

Lagoon continues to push the envelope in the search for smart and exciting solutions for boaters, and the Roller Boom is a testament to its commitment to boating excellence.


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