Sailing through Change


Lagoon’s story is intimately connected to our marine environment, and the brand is committed every day to preserving it. In recent years, we have taken a significant step forward in terms of sustainability to offer increasingly eco-friendly catamarans.

Recognized Environmental Certification

Boat engines can leak oil and fuel directly into the sea, creating damage to the environment that is difficult to repair.

Inspect and maintain the boat’s engine in optimal conditions.

This will prevent any type of spill. Remember that oil is highly toxic to marine life.

“Lagoon’s production sites in Belleville-sur-Vie and Le Poiré-sur-Vie, in the Vendée region of France, are certified under the ISO 9001, ISO 50001, and ISO 14001 standards, internationally recognized for quality, environmental management, and energy performance.

The Bordeaux site is expected to be officially certified in 2023, allowing Lagoon’s production to be part of a more virtuous and sustainable construction model.

Sustainable Materials in the Lagoon 51

The new Lagoon 51, like all future models from Lagoon, has been designed to meet the requirements of a new generation of owners.

We have conceived an elegant, comfortable catamaran with innovative design.

Our woodwork comes from FSC-certified forests, and the upholstery is made entirely from recycled materials.

As for composites, our R&D department continues to work on improvements to use environmentally friendly raw materials, without neglecting the quality and reliability of our boats.

The deck structures and hulls are constructed using vacuum infusion, a process that ensures weight savings, better composite quality, and allows us to reduce our environmental impact.

A promising future

Currently, Lagoon is working to replace fiberglass with completely natural hemp fiber.

Our technological advances in resin and fiber are particularly promising and will be increasingly seen in future Lagoon models.

Ecological Solutions Onboard

Our goal is to help our customers do the right thing, whether underway or at anchor.

From water treatment to onboard energy use, there are multiple areas of development.

The large solar panels integrated into the deck of the new Lagoon 51, supplying almost 3,000 watts of energy for onboard service needs, or the 100% ecological and biodegradable boat maintenance kits supplied with every delivered Lagoon, are evidence of this.

Catamarán Lagoon 51 navegando en alta mar.

Hybrid Propulsion: Significant Investment in R&D

As pioneers in the field, with the launch of the Lagoon 420 Hybrid in 2006, our Research and Development department continues to work to find the right solution that will allow us to offer electric propulsion in our boats without affecting their ability to sail worldwide.

A reliable, industrializable, sustainable, and affordable solution.

Several alternatives are still being co-developed and tested, with a great ambition to meet the challenge.

Support for Sustainable Initiatives.

“We are amazed by many of the projects undertaken by Lagoon owners, and we would like to highlight partners such as Escape to Nature and Anima Mundi, who in different ways are helping to create a cleaner maritime world.

In 2023, the film experts from Escape to Nature will sail on a Lagoon 55 to some of the most remote areas of the Pacific to showcase the richness of the underwater world and the importance of preserving it.

A human adventure led by a team of passionate scientists eager to share their discoveries with the general public.

With Anima Mundi, and in collaboration with the IUCN, our goal is to create the first comprehensive database of plastic waste scattered in coastal areas.

Wherever they are, Lagoon owners are invited to be part of this exciting project by mapping the world’s coastlines using a drone.

The aim is to create an accurate picture of pollution on our shores and its evolution.”


Lagoon is on a constant journey towards a more sustainable and ecological future in the world of sailing.

Our dedication to environmental preservation and innovation in catamaran construction drives us to lead the change in the industry.

From environmental certification to the use of sustainable materials and ecological solutions onboard, we are committed to providing our customers with a responsible maritime experience.


At Lagoon and Catamarans Barcelona, we value and support those who share our passion for preserving the oceans, working alongside committed partners in projects that make a difference.

We believe that change is possible when we come together in this collective effort.

At every stage of our catamarans’ life, we strive to fulfill our environmental commitment and thus preserve dream destinations for future generations.

We are eager to continue advancing on this journey towards a cleaner and more sustainable marine future, and we hope you join us on this exciting ride.


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